Caminos de Osa Update Spring 2019

Travis and his wife Pilar hiking the Camino de Oro in January 2019.

Caminos de Osa
By Travis Bays

INOGO will be increasing engagement with the Caminos de Osa Association as support from the Alcanzando Escala program, financed and managed by CRUSA, IDB, and MIDEPLAN, comes to an end.  Regional Coordinator, Travis Bays, will be providing business development coaching to board members and local administrator, Alina Oporte Arias, alumni of SELAL. In addition to fielding inquiries made on behalf of Caminos de Osa board members and affiliates, he will also support the incoming third year Peace Corps Community Economic Development Volunteer, Stephen Martinelli. Stephen will be exclusively working with Caminos de Osa to facilitate the development of the tour operator business model that will provide the organization with financial sustainability.