INOGO's Partners

Though the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment is the main supporter and facilitator of the Initiative, INOGO has also been fortunate enough to collaborate with fantastic Costa Rican organizations. The CRUSA Foundation has provided essential support within Costa Rica. Many other local community groups, NGOs, businesses, and public sector employees have generously given their time and energy to this effort. Members of these organizations, local community leaders, and some committed members of the Costa Rican government have been the real leaders in the region for positive change and for INOGO. We thank them for their support and passion.  In the coming weeks we will be updating this page with more detailed information about those partners who wish to be featured here.

INOGO also collaborates with GeoAdaptive, a consulting firm based in Boston, MA that is leading the work to create the alternative future scenarios for the region. GeoAdaptive has worked with dozens of communities around the world in complex sustainability and scenario planning projects, helping them to envision and evaluate alternative paths to a more sustainable future. GeoAdaptive believes that when a community visioning process is conducted in a way that respects the values and visions of its members, it strengthens their ability to foster and sustain healthy economic growth and strong environmental stewardship.


Strategic Actors 

INOGO would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for contributing their time, information, and ideas to the INOGO process:

The Caminos de Osa Association (ACO) is the organization and local governance figure responsible for the financial, environmental and social sustainability of the rural tourism destination Caminos de Osa ... read more here

The Fishermen Association (ASOPEZ) brings together fishermen from the northern sector of the Golfo Dulce, comprising the catchment areas of fisheries ranging from the Esquinas River to the Rincon La Palma River ... read more here

Bruss Torres Leal has been living in Piedras Blancas for the past 9 years and is one of the founding members, and partner, at the Piedras Blancas Community Credit Enterprise and a member of Aguitur ... read more here. 

As the first cooperative of rural community tourism businesses in the Osa Peninsula, COOPETURIC functions as a tour operator called Osa Rural Tours, serving as a trendsetter in sustainable community development ... read more here

... read more here

... read more here

Deilin has belonged to the Playa Blanca Ecological Flag Committee for the past 3 years and currently serves as Vice President. Her personal business, Mangroves of the Gulf, is dedicated to offering restaurant service, rental cabins, camping grounds, and kayaking and fishing trips ... read more here

Dennis Atencio Valverde was born in La Palma, Puerto Jiménez, but was educated in Pérez Zeledón, where he lived for 9 years. He is currently a member of the Puerto Jiménez Guide Association and the Puerto Jiménez Chamber of Tourism ... read more here

Serving as president of both the Community Credit Enterprise and the Osa Canton Agricultural Center, while also coordinating the Local Human Development Council in the Piedras Blancas district ... read more here

The National Department of Community Development (DINADECO) is an institution operating under Costa Rica’s Executive branch, responsible for promoting, guiding, coordinating and evaluating local communities’ organizational process ... read more here

... read more here.

Enoc serves as the Vice President of the Sierpe Tourist Guide Association (ASOGUISI), and manager of the Corcovado Cooperative for Rural Community Tourism Entrepreneurs (COOPETURIC RL) ... read more here

The Regional Federation of Agricultural Centers in the Southern Pacific (FEDECAC) was created on September 4, 1981 and currently consists of seven agricultural centers located in Pérez Zeledón, Buenos Aires ... read more here

read more here

The Neotropica Foundation of Costa Rica was founded in 1985 with the mission of promoting actions that have an impact on the economic and environmental value of natural resources and the fair and equitable distribution ... read more here

GAT Sur facilitates and lends crucial technical assistance to over 87 organizations throughout Osa, Corredores, and Golfito as well as positively influence public institutions such as ... read more here.  

As a local entrepreneur, business owner, tropical biologist, promoter of human- and ecology-centered development, and resident of Puerto Jiménez for more than 10 years ... read more here

Inder promotes the participation of diverse stakeholders in the region, seeking to invigorate the regional economy through the implementation of state policies for the development of rural Costa Rica  ... read more here

Jessica first visited in Rancho Quemado in 2005 on a field trip with the University College of Cartago, where she later graduated with specializations in Business Administration and Tourism ... read more here.

The Southern Zone Regional Development Board (JUDESUR) is an entity based in Golfito, whose purpose is to contribute to the development of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica. Its field of activity covers the cantons ... read more here. 

... read more here

Lucia has conducted research on red macaws and Humpback whales, and most recently, founded and presides over the Drake Pro Animal Health Association ... read more here

... read more here

Noilyn Ramírez Arias has been living in Bahía-Uvita for the past three years and is currently part of the Bahia Ballena Guide Association (ASOGUIBA), where she serves as Treasurer ... read more here

He first arrived in Drake Bay in 1980 and currently serves as President of the Association for the Integral Development of Drake ... read more here.

Read more here

Susana Matamoros Mendoza has lived in Osa for the past 32 years. She comes from a simple family, the daughter of a farmer and a housewife. She is currently the President of the ... read more here

... read more here