Catching up with Caminos de Osa

Caminos de Osa has been working hard to tell the world about the adventures that wait them. Thanks to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute's Press Office, over 30 reporters have visited the Caminos de Osa. Specializing in nature tourism, sustainable tourism, and adventure tourism, these tourists have shared a new way to experience the Osa Peninsula with their readers. Reporters have come from countries such as France, Germany, China, the United States, and Canada. You can enjoy some of their articles here:

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US Ambassador to Costa Rica, Fitzgerald Haney, visits INOGO and Caminos

On April 4, 2017 Ambassador Haney visited the Osa Peninsula, with the goal of seeing first-hand the results of different efforts in the region that have been funded by US entities seeking to promote conservation, development, and security. The Ambassador asked to meet with Caminos de Osa and INOGO during lunch, which was prepared by Caminos entrepreneur and board member Rocio Vargas. Rocio and her team prepared the lunch using 100% local products, and with a sophisticated twist brought by the recent efforts to develop the gastronomy of the zone (funded by CRUSA, BID-FOMIN, and implemented by IMAGINE XYZ).

During the lunch, the conversation centered around the special characteristics of the region, including the welcoming nature of the people and the opportunity for people to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. This opportunity to disconnect and find wellbeing and health is something that tourists are seeking when they come to the Osa Peninsula. The group also discussed the importance of leadership opportunities for youth, including exchanges to get to know other parts of the country in order to provide them with an expanded perspective.

The Caminos de Osa office is open and accepting reservations, so reserve your trek through the Osa Peninsula today!