Caminos de Osa: "Best Active Tourism", FITUR 2016

Caminos de Osa, the tourism product created by the Caminos de Liderazgo program, won the Best Active Tourism award at FITUR, the International Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain. Nominated by the government of Costa Rica, Caminos de Osa was the 21st winner of this annual award.

It has been fantastic to celebrate the award with all of the Caminos de Osa supporters: from Vice President of Costa Rica Ana Helena Chacón, to program partners such as Swiss Travel, and of course the amazing entrepreneurs who are the heart and soul of Caminos de Osa.

Caminos de Osa offers adventurers three new routes that pass through the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. Following these routes, tourists visit rural community tourism businesses and support a model of development that allows for socioeconomic development that incentivizes long-term conservation.  Tourists will enjoy the biodiversity and nature that traditionally has attracted visitors to the region, and will be given access to the local history, culture, and traditional knowledge that adds incredible depth to the experience.

The project is also a wonderful example of what can be achieved with broad partnerships – between the public and private sectors, academia, and most importantly local community leaders and entrepreneurs.

 If you would like to visit or learn more about Caminos de Osa, please write to and visit