Graduation of the First Generation of Caminos de Liderazgo

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
INOGO Newsletter, No. XIV

Congratulations to the first graduates of Caminos de Liderazgo!

On June 26th in the community of La Palma on the Osa Peninsula, 23 entrepreneurs graduated from the Caminos de Liderazgo** program “Personal Development and Development of Tourism Services for Rural Tourism Entrepreneurs.” This program, which began in May of 2014, is a partnership between the CRUSA Foundation, INOGO, SINAC, and RBA, with the support of valued sponsors.

The first graduates of the Caminos de Liderazgo program have new skills, attitudes, and connections that will help their businesses succeed. They are revolutionizing their lives, becoming promoters of their local culture, and the defenders of their natural resources. Coming together to form the new rural community tourism destination “Caminos de Osa”, they hope to build a better future for generations to come.

The graduation ceremony featured INOGO Co-Director Bill Durham, Second Vice President of Costa Rica Ana Helena Chacon, Director General of RBA Daniel Villafranca, and CRUSA board member Geiner Alvarado. The speakers all shared their appreciation for the accomplishments of the past year, highlighting the importance of the efforts not just for the participants and their families, but also for their communities and the broader ecosystems of the region. Professor Durham congratulated the graduates and concluded by reminding them:

Let us not forget those who have supported and helped us get to where we are.

Let us not forget that there is much still to be done… for the families of the region… for the parents of the region, for the children of the region…

Let us not forget that there is more to be done to eliminate poverty and promote a symbiotic relationship with nature.

Let us not forget that we are just getting started.

As professor Durham reminded the participants, our work has just begun. Caminos de Liderazgo will now be starting a second phase, offering continued support in the development of the Caminos de Osa tourism destination. 

**Caminos de Liderazgo began May 2014 with initial funding from CRUSA and INOGO. The program depends on a strong partnership with SINAC-MINAE, and relies on RBA as a highly skilled implementing partner. CRUSA and INOGO continue to support the implementation of the program, with ongoing fundraising efforts supported by all partners.