SELAL Coordinators

Marcela Sequeira 
SELAL Assistant Local Coordinator, Uvita

SOMOS Project Manager: A local entrepreneur born and raised in the area, Marcela is at the center of community development in the Costa Ballena Region. In addition to her retail businesses and extensive responsibilities with SOMOS, Marcela is the current president of the Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Uvita (ADIU), town council for Uvita, Bahia and surrounding area. Last year she collaborated in SELAL as assistant local coordinator in Uvita. She loved the program and became the # 1 fan of SELAL.


Erika Sibaja
SELAL Coordinator, Uvita

Born to a social service-oriented family, she grew up in a rural community surrounded by nature. Erika has always been interested in human beings and their ecology. She studied Psychology at the University of Costa Rica and is currently a Social Project Executive. She is a lover of nature, recreation, and wellness. 



Arlet Quirós
SELAL Local Coordinator, Puerto Jiménez    

She grew up immersed in coffee trees and nature, which led her to study Biology at the University of Costa Rica. When she finished her studies, she visited the Osa Peninsula and fell in love with the biodiversity and tranquility of the region, and so she made a decision to relocate their and discover new paths. She also discovered her passion for sharing the beauty of the place with others, and became a tour guide in Corcovado Park and eventually abroad.


Alina Oporta
SELAL Assistant Coordinator, Puerto Jiménez