We highlight alumni of SELAL who share how SELAL has impacted them and their future aspirations

Kevin Esquivel, first participated in SELAL in July 2018 in Puerto Jimenez

I'm from Gallardo.

The impact of SELAL on my life:
This wonderful course helped me improve my teamwork skills, improved my self-confidence, and improved my English-language skills. Soon after completing the program, I encouraged other young people to participate so that it could impact their lives as it did with me.

This program allowed me to get an internship in Lapa Rios, the place where I hope to work in the near future, so that I can return to SELAL and show them the change that this wonderful program has had in me. It changed the way I look at tourism and showed me the potential that is within me. I hope to come back some day and show other young people everything SELAL did for me, to inspire new generations.

Tatiana Anchia Herra, participated for the first time in January 2018 in Puerto Jiménez

I'm from Terrones de Sándalo, I'm 17 years old.

I work with my parents in agriculture, I also clean a house and occasionally work on a laying hen farm called Eco Farm, I also study at the Puerto Jiménez High School, I am in tenth grade.

SELAL has been very important in my life because it has taught me many things about leadership, entrepreneurship, about the environment, it has also helped me change in some aspects in my life like speaking in front of many people. It has also taught me to trust in my myself, because I used to be afraid to voice my opinion and make a mistake, but I realized that being wrong isn’t bad, that we only learn from our mistakes. It has also taught me that working as a team can accomplish many things, and that when one wants something, it’s important not to give up easily.

SELAL has also helped me meet many people that are important to my life and has also helped me become recognized in places that are important for my future.
Well, I want to be a protector of nature and also help people to follow their dreams, I want to work in Naturalist Guide in the Osa Peninsula and beyond.