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INOGO Moves Closer to Sustainability Goals

Appointment of new co-director brings marine focus and expanded reach for initiative.

Published: Thursday, March 15, 2018 Source: Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Making a Living, Sustainably

Stanford initiative reconciles perceived conflicts between human prosperity and protection of natural resources.

Published: Monday, November 2, 2015 Source: Stanford Woods Institute
Celebrating the CRUSA Foundation’s 20th Anniversary

On Thursday, October 6th the CRUSA Foundation celebrated its 20th Anniversary, as well as the retirement from the board of founders Luis Diego Escalante and Dr. Ana Sittenfeld. The celebration...

Published: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Source: INOGO Newsletter

News & Events

December 2014: News & Events

  International Internship for U.S. – Costa Rica Sister Park Agreement During the autumn of 2014, Melissa Garcia, a Costa Rican student from CEDES Don Bosco technical high school in San José, spent...

Published: Wednesday, December 17, 2014 Source: INOGO Newsletter , No. XI
Caminos de Liderazgo: Facilitating sustainable community development

  In May 2014, the Caminos de Liderazgo project was launched in the ACOSA area and carried out with the participation of INOGO, CRUSA, the Costa Rican National Park System (SINAC), with RBA as the...

Published: Friday, November 21, 2014 Source: INOGO Boletín No. X
November 2014: News & Events

  Sea Turtle Festival 2014 The Sea Turtle Festival was held Friday, November 14th through Saturday the 15th in Playa Tortuga, Ojochal (Osa). This festival is held every year in order to promote...

Published: Friday, November 21, 2014 Source: INOGO Newsletter, No. X
October 2014: News & Events

  U.S. and Costa Rica Sister Park Agreement: SINAC Staff Visit Oct. 12-24 Chris Stein, Superintendent of U.S. National Park Service, provides an overview of Costa Rica’s National Park Service (SINAC...

Published: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Source: INOGO Newsletter, No. IX
Community Resource Identification

INOGO Phase I research taught us that a key component to sustainable growth within the Osa and Golfito cantons, whether of an individual, a community, or the region, is first understanding what...

Published: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Source: October Newsletter, No. IX
September 2014: News & Events

  Entrepreneurship and Biodiversity in the Osa Peninsula The “Constructing My Business” project was created with the goal of working with poachers, gold miners, and illegal loggers to develop legal...

Published: Friday, October 3, 2014 Source: September Newsletter No. VIII
Starting Down a Good Path

Caminos de Liderazgo, which started in May 2014, is an effort focused on capacity building in leadership and entrepreneurship for local entrepreneurs and local tour operators.  Local entrepreneurs...

Published: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Source: INOGO Newsletter, No. VIII
August 2014: News & Events II

  New GIS Tool for Municipality of Osa This new tool, developed by the local government of Osa, was designed to offer GIS information about the Osa Municipality and the services it provides to the...

Published: Monday, August 25, 2014 Source: INOGO Newsletter, No. VII
INOGO Pilot Program

  In late July, members of the INOGO team met with both public and private Costa Rican institutions in San José and Puerto Jiménez to further explore the possibility of collaborating on a pilot...

Published: Monday, August 25, 2014 Source: August Newsletter, No. VII
August 2014: News & Events

  Canton Soccer Festival The Vice-Mayor and the Women’s Soccer Union (Uniffut) invited everyone to celebrate the Canton Soccer Festival, which took place July 20th, from 8am-12pm in the Municipal...

Published: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 Source: August Newsletter, No. VI