Strategic Organization: COOPETURIC

Photo Credit: 
COOPETURIC, design by A. Cruz

As the first cooperative of rural community tourism businesses in the Osa Peninsula, COOPETURIC functions as a tour operator called Osa Rural Tours. COOPETURIC serves not only as a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses, but also as a trendsetter in the Osa region that bridges sustainable community development with maintaining ecosystem services.

Part of the COOPETURIC tour experience in Osa involves working with and learning from various community members, including those from the Ngöbe indigenous community. They offer several packages of tours, from one- to five-day excursions, partnering with numerous ecotourism enterprises that provide local and culturally informed experiences. The ecotourism businesses are:

  • Rancho Verde” Rural Cabins
  • Cinta Blanca” Adventures
  • Descubre la Naturaleza” Horseback & Bike Tour
  • Laguna Chocuaco” Lagoon & Lodging
  • Jacana” Educational Tours
  • Aguas Ricas Lodge” Ngöbe Cultural Tour
  • Madre Sevla” Rainforest Experience
  • Verde Azul” Tours
  • Agroforestal La Tarde” Preservation & Butterfly Form
  • SierpeAzul” Exclusive Tours
  • Minas de Osa” Tent camp

In late 2012 COOPETURIC installed a micro-hydroelectric generator in partnership with several organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme as part of their commitment to environmental sustainability. This small hydro-generator is capable of producing enough electricity to simultaneously power 40 light bulbs, a washing machine, a refrigerator, and a computer. Additionally, the generator is also equipped with batteries for future energy storage and does not disrupt the ambient noise of the surrounding forest, thereby reducing its impact on flora and fauna.

COOPETURIC believes in “Conserving the magnificent life that surrounds the paradise that is Osa, so that, for a long time, everyone in the world has the opportunity to experience the natural wonders and hospitality of the locals.”