Strategic Organization: Inder

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The Institute of Rural Development (Inder)

The Institute of Rural Development (Inder), implements state policies for the development of rural Costa Rica in coordination with public and private institutions.

Inder believes in the social function of property and, to achieve organizational and sustainable productive changes, promotes the participation of diverse stakeholders in the region. It seeks to invigorate the regional economy and create opportunities for its inhabitants to exercise their freedom, become socially mobile, and achieve personal growth. 

According to the Inder Law, the primary rural development objectives are:

  • Promote the economic wellbeing of the region.
  • Strengthen the rural institutional system and its coordination in processes of development.
  • Encourage civic participation.
  • Promote local and regional commercialization solutions.

Some of  Inder’s programs include:

  • Settlement Training: Includes the establishment of new rural settlements. It encompasses the acquisition, titling of land, as well as agricultural supervision.
  • Settlement Development: Promotes the development and the social and economic consolidation of established settlements.

At the national level, Inder has seven regional offices and numerous sub-regional offices that participate in the acquisition and distribution of land, construct basic rural infrastructural projects, and provide monitoring to beneficiaries. In the Brunca Region, the San Isidro Office oversees the cantons of Buenos Aires and Pérez Zeledón, as well as the Bahía Ballena district in the Osa canton, while the Río Claro Sub-regional Office oversees the cantons of Osa, Corredores, and Golfito.