SELAL II: Youth Environmental Leadership and Language Training, July 2015

Publication Date: 
Monday, April 20, 2015
INOGO Newsletter, No. XIII
Photo Credit: 
A. Cruz

INOGO is excited to announce the launch of a second phase of the Stanford Environmental Leadership and Language program (SELAL) in July 2015 with 12th year students at the Technical High School (CTP). SELAL II will be a ten-day program, from July 6th until July 17th (Monday – Friday), and we expect up to 20 participants!

To prepare for SELAL II, in mid-March INOGO team members Travis Bays and Austin Cruz traveled to Puerto Jimenez for meetings with key partners, including the Technical Administration team at the CTP where they discussed the strengths, weaknesses, and accomplishments of the previous SELAL program (January 2015). Most importantly, the INOGO team was also able to present the program to potential participants: the 11th and 12th year students.

The January 2015 SELAL pilot brought to light many insights, including the importance of the participation of local business and organizations. These local collaborators provided a practical experience that was a complement to the academic instruction. Students gained hands-on experience with leaders in the local ecotourism industry, allowing them to understand the current state of ecotourism in the region, as well as what the future of ecotourism in the region could be.  Through these interactions the students gained valuable skills and contacts.

The SELAL curriculum reflects the diversity of ecotourism opportunities in the region. Academically, SELAL familiarizes students with various subjects in English, including actionable INOGO research, conservation science, and leadership. In SELAL we emphasize the English language component, giving students an opportunity to practice and strengthen their English skills in hopes that their language skills become a powerful tool for their educational and professional pursuits. Our curriculum is divided into four categories: 1) INOGO Phase I research; 2) English communication; 3) Leadership Education and Training; and 4) Tourism/Ecotourism/Conservation.

Also in July, students can continue to look forward to working with the following businesses, organizations, and individuals in SELAL II:

1)       RBA

2)       El Remanso Lodge

3)       Lapa Rios Ecolodge

4)       Cacao Monkeys

5)       Iguana Lodge

6)       Finca Kobo

7)       Luna Lodge

8)       SINAC-ACOSA

9)       Osa Wild

10)    Osa Birds

11)    Danta Corcovado Lodge

12)    Alberto Herrera (local guide, naturalist, businessman)

13)    Reinaldo Aguilar (taxonomist, botanist)

14)    Prof. William Durham (Stanford University)

We greatly look forward working with the CTP once again, and are excited to work with their very talented and enthusiastic students! If you have any questions about our youth environmental leadership and language program, or know of someone in the La Palma – Puerto Jimenez area that would benefit from such a program, please reach out to INOGO Regional Coordinator Travis Bays by phone at 8712-8919 (Costa Rica), by email at <>, or to Austin Cruz by email <>.