Osa and Golfito Initiative (INOGO) Begins Phase 2

Publication Date: 
Friday, January 31, 2014
January Newsletter


Over the last two years, INOGO has worked with many collaborators to develop Alternative Futures Scenarios, case studies, and diagnostic analyses – all with the goal of providing tools and information to help catalyze local actors to articulate their sustainable vision for the region’s future development. Throughout this process, a number of strategic next steps were identified.  INOGO is happy to announce that in January 2014, a second phase has begun which includes activities identified through collaborations with strategic actors during phase 1.

Reflecting experience of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, initially INOGO Phase 2 will include work in three primary areas:

  • Leadership skills and training: The INOGO Leadership Program,
  • Information for decision making: Osa y Golfito, ¿Cómo vamos?, and
  • Encouraging communication and building networks: Theme-based strategic meeting

Introducing the INOGO Leadership Program:

Building upon the lessons learned from previous experiences with leadership and entrepreneurship training in the Osa and Golfito region, existing Stanford Woods Institute-supported leadership and entrepreneur trainings, as well as international best practices, the INOGO Leadership Program will provide the opportunity for a select group of entrepreneurs and community leaders in the Osa and Golfito region to develop their business or community project idea.  The Leadership Program will work to build skills related to establishing a business, developing a community project, and community engagement, with a focus on creating a regional network of leaders who can continue to support one another. INOGO is currently meeting with organizations and individuals who have either led similar programs or participated in these programs.  If you would like to be a part of this consultation process, please contact us at inogo-info@stanford.edu.  Applications to participate in the program will be available in February.

Introducing ¿Osa y Golfito Como Vamos?:

Many actors in the Osa and Golfito region are working towards important common goals – from improving education, to providing more economic opportunities in the region, to ensuring long-term conservation.  We worked together to build the Alternative Futures Scenarios and to define a desired future for the region – but how do we know if we are on the right track?  The ¿Osa y Golfito Como Vamos? Team looks forward to working with you to create a monitoring system to help track any important changes in the social and natural well-being status of the Osa and Golfito region.

Introducing Theme-Based Strategic Meetings:

Working together in INOGO Phase 1, we heard that you valued facilitated opportunities to share and connect with potential partners and collaborators.  Continued strategic meetings in Phase 2 will provide the opportunity for colleagues and potential collaborators to jointly discuss key findings from INOGO Phase 1, and for various organizations working in the region to share best practices and updates

In addition, during Phase 2, INOGO will distribute this monthly newsletter containing updates on our progress as well as a spotlight on what other strategic actors and organizations in the region are accomplishing.