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Tuesday, March 4, 2014
March Newsletter


Program “Jump Start” in Piedras Blancas

Between January and February 2014 in the María Rosa Gámez School from Piedras Blancas in Osa, an English as a second language (ESL) training program known as “Jump Start” is underway. The English teacher, with the help from volunteers from the Peace Corps, will instruct sixteen students who have already graduated from their sixth year (2013).


Genetic Improvement Program for Cacao Production

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG in Spanish) is working on a project to promote the germination and genetic improvement of cacao on a national scale (source: Floy Foster, Gerente Nacional del Área de Cacao del MAG), but with a specific focus to work in the Southern Area. In this context, the National Office of Seeds is working on the certification of a “genetic garden” with six varietals of improved and selected cacao. These varietals will be available for producers interested in obtaining the said product in the community (Julieta Km 37) (source: Miguel Chacón, Gerente ONS).


Regional Market 

In November 2013, an inter-institutional governmental commission purchased ten hectares located in Tawal, Ciudad Cortés, upon which the future regional market will be constructed. The resources for the amount of $300m (CRC) were provided by JUDESUR. The beginning of construction is hoped to begin in 2016 once all impact studies and requirements have been completed.


Biology Department develops Digital Herbarium of Golfito Flora

The Recinto de Golfito of the UCR, in conjunction with the Biology Department of the Rodrigo Facio Office, created the “Digital Herbarium of Golfito,” where one can identify different species of plants in the area. The Digital Herbarium can be accessed at: <http://hergol.biologia.ucr.ac.cr/>