Join us in the INOGO Leadership Program

Publication Date: 
Thursday, March 27, 2014
Newsletter II, March 2014


Is one born a leader, or rather, does one learn leadership skills? As this question continues to be debated, we believe that –more importantly and regardless of the answer– we all have unique skills and perspectives to contribute. In INOGO’s Leadership Program, we will build on the positive qualities that participants already have, and work with them in developing the skills and networks necessary to be a more successful leader and entrepreneur.

Why is a network important in leadership and entrepreneurship?  In the INOGO Leadership Program we will focus on developing a strong network among leaders from different communities. The phrase “jack of all trades, master of none” embodies the idea that one can never be an expert at everything, and that to excel in any area one must focus. In the INOGO Leadership Program, we believe in focusing on refining our own skills while also developing a network of colleagues and friends with whom to collaborate on goals. In our businesses and in our communities, we can learn from others who are facing similar challenges. In INOGO Phase I, we produced a diagnostic analysis (see report here) where we learned that there are 187 community organizations in the area of study and only 11.8% were working with anyone outside of their own community. What would the social and ecological impacts and possibilities be with increased communication and collaboration?

Over the last month, INOGO has continued to work on the development of the Leadership Program. Since many organizations and institutions are engaged in entrepreneurship and leadership training, we conducted a survey of the different resources available. These resources were carefully analyzed to determine which partners would be best suited for the INOGO Leadership Program. A key criterion in the design of the INOGO Leadership Program is its sustainability: how would the program continue to create value in years to come?  In year one of the INOGO Leadership Program, we will employ a “training the trainers” model and will focus on building local capacity so that training can be implemented in coming years.

Applications (found here) for the INOGO Leadership Program are currently being received.  Any questions should be directed to