INOGO Delegation Visits Tourism Training Program in San Carlos

Publication Date: 
Monday, October 28, 2013
Erick Vargas

On the 26th and 27th of October, INOGO team members Emily Arnold, professor William Durham, and Erick Vargas, visited the Industrial Agriculture Technical School (ETAI in Spanish) in Santa Clara, San Carlos. They were hosted by professor Betsaida Cortés and tourism students Andrea (third from left) and Lindsey (first; left), who accompanied them during their visit.

The goal of this visit was to experience first-hand the kinds of models and training the Industrial Agriculture Technical School is offering to its students studying tourism. One particular valuable opportunity is the associated hotel, called Árbol Dorado, where students could gain experience in interacting with guests.

Thanks to the hospitality of their hosts, Arnold, Durham and Vargas where able to experience the range of resources and offerings that the Industrial Agriculture Technical School had to offer, and together, were able to analyze the advantages of offering training simulations alongside the traditional classroom setting.

Experiencing first-hand the combination of practical training in tourism and formal studies of the industry, inspired and motivated the delegation in analyzing a potential application of a similar model for the Osa and Golfito cantons, the area of focus for INOGO.