April 2014, News & Events

Publication Date: 
Monday, April 28, 2014
April Newsletter, No. III


Town of Golfito – “Superyacht” & Luxury Resort, Development at Full Sail

In June 2014, Hacienda El Dorado will be developing the “Golfito Marina Village & Resort,” a deep-water marina for “gigayachts” up to 350 feet (100m) in Golfito Bay. This resort will “open up” an area that was previously inaccessible to superyachts and provide amenities such as spas, fitness facilities, swimming pools, and an island restaurant with a nightclub. Plans to construct and renovate Golfito’s town center, the road from the airport to town, and tourist attractions are in development.

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International Migratory Bird Day – Sister Park Agreement between Minnesota/Wisconsin & Costa Rica’s Osa Conservation Area (ACOSA)

On May 3rd, “St Croix Flyway, Bench by Bench” will take place as an event for migratory birds that travel every year between the St. Croix River valley, located between Minnesota and Wisconsin, and the national parks in the Osa Conservation Area in southern Costa Rica. A total of 13 national parks in the Upper Midwest and 7 parks in southern Costa Rica work together in the Sister Park agreement. The event take will take place along the St. Croix River in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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National Cooperative Week, April 21

Nation Cooperative Week is celebrated with the aim of honoring the values of cooperatives and their contribution to the country (Costa Rica), while also serving as a way to call attention to young people with the goal of becoming involved in cooperative processes.

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