Angelica M. Almeyda Zambrano

Angelica Almeyda Zambrano

Title and Credentials: 
Postdoctoral Scholar

Angelica M. Almeyda Zambrano is a postdoctoral research member of the terrestrial ecosystems component of INOGO. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Stanford in 2012 under the direction of Dr. William H. Durham. We was also a graduate student researcher in the Gregory Asner Lab in the Department of Global Ecology at the Carnegie Institute for Science. During the 2011-2012 academic year, Angelica was a Fellow in the Sustainability Science program at the Kennedy School at Harvard University, where her advisor was Dr. William Clark. She completed her Master’s in Latin American Studies at the University of Florida with a specialization in Conservation and Development in the Tropics, and her B.A. in Forestry Science at the National Agricultural University La Molina.

Her doctoral thesis compared the impacts of the developmental politics of transportation infrastructure and the possession of land in land-use by small producers in the area of the tri-national border between Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia in the southeastern Amazon. She has also conducted research about the socio-economic and environmental effects of sustainable tourism in Costa Rica, about the microclimates and physiology of tropical forests in Hawaii, and continues to participate in forest ecology projects related to nutrient cycling of slash-and burn agriculture in the Amazon.