Strategic Actor: Deilin Ramirez Arguello

Deilin Ramirez Arguello was born in Guanacaste and moved to San Vito de Coto Brus at age 7 with her parents. She has been living in Playa Blanca, Puerto Jimenez for the past 7 years.

Deilin has belonged to the Playa Blanca Ecological Flag Committee for the past 3 years and currently serves as Vice President. Her personal business is called Mangroves of the Gulf and is dedicated to offering restaurant service, cabins for rent, camping grounds, and kayaking and fishing trips. Through her business, Deilin supports the Ecological Flag project through environmental education within the local school and Community College. She strongly believes that the success of community-based organizations depends largely on teamwork, knowing how to self-organize, and perseverance.

Currently, Playa Blanca is the only beach in Puerto Jimenez with a blue ecological flag and administrators are working on the implementation of a collection center for recyclable materials and mangrove reforestation. They currently hold a weekly beach cleanup. Deilin notes that the Ministry of Tourism (ICT) has provided training on environmental issues, which will allow the Flag Committee to bring this information to local schools and colleges, as well as to the community at large.

Deilin considers INOGO’s work in the region, including the Caminos de Liderazgo project, to be excellent in that it allows locals to acquire new knowledge and develop networks of contacts and new friends. In addition, Deilin notes that the Caminos program has allowed her to met other local projects of which she was previously unaware. Now, she is more informed and better prepared for working with other entrepreneurs. 

For more information about Mangroves of the Gulf, please contact Deilin Ramirez:

Phone: 8989-7246