Finca Integral Diversificada Lluviosa

In Diego Garcia's integrated farm, Finca Integral Diversificada Lluviosa, among the livestock and other crops Diego is also sowing the seeds of a better future for the youth in his community. Featured on Costa Rica’s Channel 9 news program (, the farm is meant to be an example for others in the region.

Finca Lluviosa features a great variety of crops that will grow well in the region, and demonstrates how these crops can be planted in a more sustainable fashion. The farm was inspired by INOGO studies which showed the great growth in oil palm that was expected in the region. Through various workshops we discussed the instability of relying upon a monoculture, in terms of food security, environmental degradation, and vulnerability due to market fluctuations. Diego was inspired to create a model to show the potential for a small farm to produce much of what a family would need, while producing many different crops which would also provide a more diversified income stream.

An important part of the Finca Lluviosa model is the facilitation of learning. The farm features a large rancho that was built to host trainings and workshops.