Alternative future scenarios for the Osa-Golfito region were developed by the firm GeoAdaptive, in collaboration with the INOGO team. The scenario development process is iterative, local and participatory, allowing community knowledge and resources to be integrated with technical data into models of future change. In this way, INOGO's goal is to increase transparency, decentralize procedures and increase the accountability of both technical and local groups. There were three rounds of consultation used to build and refine the scenarios.

The alternative futures scenarios are tools that stakeholders can use to engage in decision making about the region's future. In order to generate useful scenarios, the many conditions that influence the sustainability of a region were considered, whether biophysical, cultural, institutional, social, historic or economic. In the Osa and Golfito cantons, one must also bear in mind possible developments such as the proposed international airport in Palmar Sur, the Diquis Dam, the potential for mass tourism and/or second home development and increased oil palm production. Different combinations of these conditions were evaluated to create three different future scenarios.

You can explore a manipulable GIS map by clicking on this link, or by viewing the map below.

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Summary presentation of the alternative futures scenarios in June of 2012 (video below): 


Future Scenarios Final Future Scenarios Using existing data and available models, the team at GeoAdaptive created a series of three possible future scenarios of what the Osa and Golfito regions could look like by 2030: Business-as-Usual, Rapid Growth and Proactive. ...

Published: April 16, 2013