Strategic Organization: The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) of Costa Rica is responsible for promoting competitiveness and the development of agricultural activities and the rural environment, in harmony with environmental protection and productive resources, as a means to promote a better quality of life, allowing production operators a greater and better integration into national and international markets.

Its objectives include:

1.     Design and implement strategic processes of national agricultural development, based on comprehensive analysis of the current and prospective situation in the Agricultural Sector.

2.     Improve the productivity and competitiveness of organizations and family farming businesses, through the process of strengthening their productive, corporate, commercial and organizational skills, in order to facilitate and the production of agricultural staples, allowing the incorporation of small producers into commercial circuits.

3.     Increase the production and productivity of the agro-chains of economic and strategic importance for the country.

4.     Develop the principles of transparency and predictability, social responsability, sustainability, accountability, and public-private partnerships among agricultural institutions and between the economic agents of national agricultural production.

5.     Formulating and implementing processes for providing information and technological assistance to key productive economic actors, which should promote the principles of conserving while producing and producing while conserving, as well as the application of good agricultural and livestock practices.

6.     Develop modernization of technological adoption processes for producers with a higher added value, enabling producers and agricultural companies to produce and compete in quality markets.

7.     Increase the use of adequate and timely financing options for production, marketing, processing, and productive infrastructure projects whose feasibility is technically supported.

8.     Research, innovate, validate, and transfer processes aimed at improving agricultural technology, as well as moving towards agricultural knowledge and efficiency with regards to irrigation, biotechnology, precision agriculture.

9.     Increase transparency and decisions based on technical criteria within management processes regarding the import and export of agricultural products with tariff quotas.

10.  Promote the efficiency and competitiveness of the institutions within the agricultural sector, through review and adjustment processes of its function and structure.

This Ministry is subdivided into several areas, such as SFE (plant health), SENASA (animal health service), clubs 4s (youth support), information and support, and INTA (agricultural technology and innovation).

To contact the MAG in the Osa-Golfito region:


Ing. Carlos Sequeira


Phone: 2788-8196


Víctor Julio Esquivel

Golfito-Corredores and Ciudad Neilly

Phone: 2783-3210