Strategic Organization: FEDECAC

The Regional Federation of Agricultural Centers in the Southern Pacific area (FEDECAC) was created on September 4, 1981 and currently consists of seven agricultural centers located in Pérez Zeledón, Buenos Aires, Osa, Potrero Grande, Coto Brus, Fila Guinea, and Corredores. The latest agricultural center in Laurel will soon be incorporated into the FEDECAC.

Its headquarters are located in Palmar Sur, next to SENARA (National Service for Groundwater Risk and Drainage), in the area formerly known as the American Zone. The Federation is currently developing an estate in Paso Real and already has a working agribusiness that deals with fruits and vegetables in the city of Aguas Claras (San Vito).

FEDECAC’s objectives include encouraging the participation of local people and farmers in activities that will improve agriculture, agroforestry, fisheries, agro-tourism, bio agriculture, agribusiness, agro-business value chains, and the conservation of natural resources. It provides training, counseling services, credit, technology transfer, and other services and benefits that contribute to the productivity, food security, and a better overall quality of life for Costa Ricans.         

Its social objectives include promoting the comprehensive development of the agricultural centers that constitute it, treating them as grassroots organizations and thus as leaders of organizational, social, productive and business activities. Furthermore, it plays an active role in seeking alliances with other agricultural centers and social sector organizations in an effort to strengthen the conditions for organizational success and development.

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