Strategic Organization: DINADECO

The National Department of Community Development (DINADECO) is an institution operating under Costa Rica’s Executive branch, responsible for promoting, guiding, coordinating and evaluating local communities’ organizational process, in an effort to promote their active and conscious participation in the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of the country.

To access DINADECO’s resources, applicants must be up-to-date on their obligations and duties, such as: having a suitability qualification, issued by the National Council of Community Development; submitting the liquidations related to their rotating and project funds; keeping annual financial reports, an annual work plan, a certification of legal capacity, a legal identity, and legal and accounting books.

In order for a development association to receive a suitability rating, it must demonstrate administrative capacities (legal, technical and financial) by presenting all its financial reports – audited by a certified public accountant – as well as delivering reports on time and in accordance to these regulations, in addition to the other provisions mentioned above.

Eligible projects must revolve around the following topics:

  • Infrastructure
  • Purchase of equipment and furniture
  • Purchase of landfills and other productive materials*

* For this last topic, it is necessary to include market, feasibility and other related studies.

When presenting projects to DINADECO, the annual work plans must be approved by the General Assembly, for which there are no maximum or minimum amounts, without forgetting the suitability qualification for public resource management.

The resources granted by DINADECO are non-refundable; projects are donated. The Fund by turn, according to the regulations under article 19 of the 3859 law, is equivalent to 2% of the income tax collected by the Ministry of Finance, but does not in itself represent 2%. Once approved, these resources are distributed to organizations that are up-to-date on their suitability qualification.

For more information, please contact:

Dina Maria Alvarez Artavia

Social Promoter for the Brunca, Corredores, and Golfito Region

Ciudad Neily office: 2783 3237

Golfito office: 2735 1439

Head office: 2528-4000