Strategic Actor: Lucia de la Ossa Pirie

Lucia de la Ossa Pirie first came to Drake in 1991. After a year, she left for the city to finish her studies, and two years later, came back to settle permanently in Drake. Lucia has conducted research on red macaws and Humpback whales, and most recently, founded and presides over the Drake Pro Animal Health Association, which provides free spaying and neutering services for the local cat and dogs, which not only improves animal health but greatly decreases the impact of feral animals on the environment. She is also President of the Drake Bay Development Association’s Recycling Committee.

She serves on the local School Board and works alongside her husband at the Carey Project, a research and conservation program of frugivores and timber species in the Osa Peninsula that generates ecological data for the management, restoration, and conservation of the Osa Peninsula. Additionally, the Carey Project supports local communities with alternative productive activities and environmental education opportunities.

Personally, Lucia strongly believes that perseverance is the key to success, and is convinced that the success of projects in rural areas lies in being truly “environmentally-friendly” and including local communities in the process, either as service providers or direct employees.

With regards to INOGO’s work in the region, she considers Caminos de Liderazgo to be an ambitious program that allows local entrepreneurs to work at their own pace, without trying to impose ideas that might be disconnected from the local reality.


For more information about Lucia’s work, you can contact her at:


Phone:             8374-3999

Facebook:        Lucia de la Ossa