Strategic Actor: Dennis Atencio Valverde

Dennis Atencio Valverde was born in La Palma, Puerto Jiménez, but was educated in Pérez Zeledón, where he lived for 9 years. He is currently a member of the Puerto Jiménez Guide Association and the Puerto Jiménez Chamber of Tourism.

His personal business, Osa Photography, is dedicated to providing photography tours around different sites of interest within the Osa Peninsula. In addition, Dennis supports rural projects by donating quality images that can be used for marketing purposes by local organizations with limited resources. Furthermore, Dennis works with the Arboretum – a reforestation project located in Chal Bay – and supports the rural tourism project Roots of Osa, located in Canaza.

In his view, the success of a community-based organization lies in teamwork and in being able to complete a variety of different projects while meeting resident needs and conserving natural resources. With regards to his own business, Dennis’ goal is to meet his short and long-term goals, supported by his faith and lots of hard work.

He believes that the work being carried out by INOGO through its Caminos de Liderazgo project is of great importance and highly appropriate in supporting the development of those who work to support this important peninsula, especially because it covers topics of great important and very necessary for the creation of a new tourist force that can better support local community development.

For more information about Osa Photography, you can contact Dennis Atencio Valverde by:

Phone:             +506 8322-7643

Facebook:        Osa Photography