Caminos de Osa Association (ACO)

The Caminos de Osa Association (ACO) is the organization and local governance figure responsible for the financial, environmental and social sustainability of the rural tourism destination Caminos de Osa, as a means to promote the integrated development of the ACOSA region.

This association was created on February 21, 2015 during the first Founding Members’ Assembly, which gave way to the establishment of the Caminos de Osa Association. During this assembly, which lasted over 5 hours, founding members deliberated and agreed on the statutes that would rule the Association. Additionally, the members chose elected their peers to the Association’s governing bodies: the Board of Directors and the Fiscal Investigation Unit. The creation of the two bodies met the desired representation in terms of both gender and the labor sectors. The Association is currently in the process of registering with the Department of Associations of the Costa Rican National Registry.

The Director of public-private partnerships from the office of the Vice President of Costa Rica – Andrea González – was present at one of the first sessions of the Board of Directors as the first member of the ACO Advisory Board, which held an initial meeting at SINAC in order to include representatives from SINAC and ICT. During these first meetings of the Board of Directors the members defined its rules of procedure, its roles, and future plans.

The Board of Directors of the Caminos de Osa Association is made up of nine representatives from the different tourism and community sectors: El Progreso, La Palma, Puerto Jimenez, Drake and Rancho Quemado. Please see the list below:

-       President: Juan Diego Garcia Godinez

-       Vice President: Enoc Espinoza Villalobos

-       Secretary: Maria Rebeca Quiros Herrera

-       Treasurer: Adriana Almengor Vega

-       Chair 1: Estarlin Marin Hidalgo

-       Chair 2: Maria del Rocio Vargas Gonzalez

-       Chair 3: Alice Magaly Cambronero Castro

-       Chair 4: Jose Zavarias Aleman Valencia

-       Chair 5: Lana Jean Wedmore

-       Prosecutor 1: Daniel Villafranca Laporte

-       Prosecutor 2: Maria de los Angeles Almengor

-       Prosecutor 3: Mariano Marquinez Montezuma

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