Partner: CRUSA

CRUSA is a non-profit organization that, during the past ten years, has invested in specific initiatives in the Osa Peninsula to support environmental conservation and the development of its rural communities. In 2008, in conjunction with the efforts undertaken by the Campaña Osa, CRUSA established the Osa Peninsula Conservation Trust, where it currently manages and provides administrative duties.

Additionally, the Osa Peninsula Conservation Trust invests its returns toward supporting conservation strategies carried out by ACOSA. In 2013, the Trust supported the project “Enterprises and Biodiversity in the Osa Peninsula, businesses more valuable than gold” (EMBIOPO in Spanish) launched by the Local Peninsular Board. On the 24th and 25th of January the project, implemented by FUNDES, celebrated the graduation of 24 people  that excelled in training for business development plans. To reduce economic and social pressure put upon the Corcovado National Park, specific enterprises have been developed that include tourism services (camping, cabins, tours), and support services for tourism activity and local use (tortilla factory, sewing workshops, snack bars, ice cream shops, bakeries, etc.) with the idea to promote and create employment and increase incomes.

Moreover, after a robust awareness and inducement process, illegal loggers agreed to form and conform to the regulations of a formal association. From this, they may eventually create a community forest business. 

Lastly, conversations are being held with the Bank for Development and other institutions with the goal of providing financial support to these companies and enterprises.

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