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(L to R): Emily Arnold, Alvaro Umana, Rodolfo Dirzo, Bill Durham, Erick Vargas

INOGO created a collaborative team of professors, staff, and consultants, integrating efforts both at Stanford University and in Costa Rica.  The Initiative members have an extensive range of knowledge – from education to marine ecosystems – permitting a holistic analysis of the issues in the region.   


Martin Carnoy Vida Jacks Professor of Education and Economics
Larry Crowder Edward Ricketts Provostial Professor and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment
Rodolfo Dirzo Senior Fellow - Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment; Bing Professor in Environmental Science
William Durham Senior Fellow - Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment; Bing Professor in Human Biology
Lynne Gaffikin Dr. Public Health; Adjunct Professor, Division of Family Planning Services and Research/Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Affiliate, Department of Primary Care and Population Health, Affiliate Fellow, Center for Innovation in Global Health


Emily Arnold Mest Associate Director
Erick Vargas National Coordinator
Travis Bays Regional Coordinator
Katherine Dennis PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar in the Anthropology Dept.
Diego Garcia Godinez Local Coordinator

Former Colleagues

Claire Menke Researcher
Austin Cruz Social Science Researcher
Samantha Selby Stanford Graduate School of Education (M.A. Candidate '16); SELAL Researcher
Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno Principal Partner, GeoAdaptive
Maria Jose Rodriguez Local Coordinator

Affiliated Researchers

Carter Hunt Assistant Professor
Angelica Almeyda Zambrano Postdoctoral Scholar
Hannah Blondin PhD Student, Hopkins Marine Station
Andre Boustany Principal Investigator, Fisheries Monterey Bay Aquarium
Eben Broadbent Postdoctoral Scholar
Danielle Haulsee Post-Doctoral Researcher, Hopkins Marine Station
Will Oestreich PhD Student, Hopkins Marine Station